ISPRS Technical Commission VI Symposium
 Tokyo, Japan, 27 - 30 June 2006

Transportation / Venue / Maps

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Transportation from Narita to Tokyo

We recommend to use JR train to get to Tokyo from Narita. The route is as follows. 

  • Narita to Shinagawa, Shinjuku
    Narita Airport Sta. --( JR Limited Express "NEX")--> Shinagawa Sta. --( JR Limited Express "NEX")--> Shinjuku Sta.    * If you are going to Shinjuku, you don't have to get off at Shinagawa.
  • Narita to Shibuya
    Narita Airport Sta. --( JR Limited Express "NEX")--> Shinagawa Sta. --( JR Yamanote Line )--> Shibuya Sta. --( KEIO Inokashira Line )

Please see the following sites about the train time table and how to buy the ticket.


The Symposium will take place at University of Tokyo / Komaba II Campus
Address : 4-6-1 KOMABA MEGURO-KU, TOKYO 153-8505, JAPAN

How to get to the Symposium place

  • From Shinjuku ( Map of Shinjuku )
    Odakyu Line [ Shinjuku Station ]--( 5 minutes by express train / 11 minutes by local train) -->
                             [ Yoyogi Uehara Station ] --(12 minutes by walk) -->[ Tokyo University Komaba 
     Research Campus ]
  • From Shibuya ( Map of Shibuya )
    Keio Inokashira Line [ Shibuya Station ]--( 8 minutes by  local train only) --> [ Komaba Todaimae Station ]  --(5 minutes by walk) -->[ Tokyo University Komaba  Research  Campus ]

The way from the nearest station to the Symposium place is bit complicated. Mr. Yasuteru Imai of Kokusai Kogyo Ltd. has kindly prepared very convenient maps around the Symposium place. When you are coming to the Symposium for the first time, do not forget to print the maps and bring them with you. You will not be lost.

Those who are staying at the Komaba Faculty House, the following map is convenient.


For further information please visit the ISPRS Commission VI web site or contact

Mitsunori Yoshimura
Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
457-4 Motoyama, Kamigamo, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8047 Japan
TEL: +81-75-707-2493(2100)    FAX: +81-75-707-2510

Updated: June 23, 2006