1,300-year-old mural paintings have been analyzed without excavation

Archaeological examination of Kitora kofun (an ancient burial tomb), Asuka, Nara without excavation was carried out in March, 1998. Using a finger sized high-resolution microcamera, 1,300-year-old mural paintings inside the stone chamber were found. It was the next discovery to Takamatsuzuka kokun in Japan.
The joint research group of Tokai University Research & Information Center and NHK (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) has analyzed video images taken with the microcamera by using digital image processing. As the results, a digital mosaicked image of inside the chamber, the mural paintings of mytholpgical beasts (Genbu, Byakko, etc.) and the ancient astronomical chart seen from a defferent view angle have been made.

genbu byakko

Analized mural paintings of the mytholpgical beasts(Genbu,Byakko)


Mosaicked image of the astronomical chart

astronomical chart

Image processing result of the astronomical chart of Kitora mound