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CAT Homepage ISPRS Commission VI Working Group 2 1992-2000
CAT(Computer Assisted Teaching)

CAT stands for Computer Assisted Teaching. It is the name of the ISPRS Commission VI Working Group 2. The main aim of the working group is to find ways to utilize computer assisted teaching in the fields of photogrammetry and remote sensing as well as GIS. We would like to share useful information, software, and data among the WG(Working Group) and others for the popularization of latest technology in these fields. The terms of reference of the WG are as follows.
Terms of Reference(1996-2000):
・To collect, analyze, and disseminate materials, software and data for computer assisted teaching/learning.
・To investigate the role of computer assisted teaching/learning in modern education and training in photogrammetry,photo-interpretation, remote sensing and GIS.
・To promote computer assisted teaching in developing countries.
In August, 1992, the 17th Congress of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing(ISPRS) was held in Washington D.C. Within the frame work of the ISPRS Commission VI, the Working Group(WG) VI/2: Computer Assisted Teaching(CAT) was established. Since then, the WG has been organizing hands-on training/seminars, issuing newsletters, disseminating software/data sets, etc.
In December 1995, a plan for organizing a software contest for education CATCON was proposed by Kohei Cho to the working group members. The members agreed to organize the contest at the next ISPRS Vienna Congress in 1996.
On July 12, 1996, the first CATCON(CATCON1) was successfully organized by the WG VI2 at the 18th ISPRS Congress in Vienna. The activities of the WG from 1992 to 1996 were evaluated at the Vienna Congress, and it was approved by the ISPRS council to continue the WG activity for the next four years under the Commission VI: Education and Communications(President: Dr. Lukman Aziz). The Honorary Mention by the President of ISPRS was awarded to Kohei Cho for his contribution to the ISPRS as the chairperson of WG VI/2.
In December 1997, the theme issue of the ISPRS Journal devoted to Computer-Assisted Teaching and Learning(CAT/CAL) was published(Vol.52 No6). Kohei Cho and Joachim Höhle from the WG edited the issue to introduce various aspects of CAT/CAL to the members of the ISPRS.
From April 15 to 17, 1999, the ISPRS Com.VI Symposium was successfully held in Bandung, Indonesia. Several members from the WG attended the symposium.
In July, 2000, the 19th ISPRS Congress was successfully held in Amsterdam. The CATCON2 was successfully held on July 21 at the Amsterdam Congress. The gold award was given to ARPENTEUR developed by Pierre Grussenmeyer and Pierre Drap. The distance learning has become one of the main theme of the WG at the Congress, and various discussion were performed. The importance of CAT/CAL were again mentioned in the Resolution of Technical Commission VI, and it was recommended that CATCON should be continued. Dr Tania Maria Sausen was selected as the new President of Commission VI.

Working Group Chairs after ISPRS 2000
Dr. Mark Shortis and Dr. Pierre Grussenmeyer were assigned as the new chairs of the WG. The former chairs are pleased that the WG activity continues with the leadership of the new chairs. ( Current WG VI/2 Home Page ) The CATCON3 is planed to be held at the he next ISPRS Istanbul Congress in 2004.
This homepage will remains as a record of the WG activities from 1992 to 2000.
Contact Points:
Dr.Kohei Cho (Chairperson:1992-2000)
Tokai University Research & Information Center
2-28-4, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 151-0063
Tel:+813-3481-0611 / Fax:+813-3481-0610
E-mail: kcho@keyaki.cc.u-tokai.ac.jp

Dr.Joachim Höhle(Co-Chairperson:1992-2000)
Department of Development and Planning Aalborg University
Fibigerstraede 11, DK 9220 Aalborg, Denmark
Tel:+45-9-815-8522 / Fax:+45-9-815-6541
E-mail: jh@i4.auc.dk